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SMEHIVE is a fast growing super-connector opportunity platform connecting local SME's and startups to global markets (business, capital and services and catalysts).

SMEHIVE is a community of companies and organizations that want to engage in a variety of entrepreneurial and business opportunities. Our goal is to replicate entrepreneurial communities digitally, meaning bringing the SME's, startups, service providers, companies wishing to pursue business partnerships, investors and financiers, Academic/Education/MOOC providers, Accelerators and Incubators, Chambers of Commerce, Development Agencies, Entrepreneurial Associations, Government Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) that contribute and actively actively engaged in local /global entrepreneurial ecosystems into one single place.

SMEHIVE offers the community to post and pursue business/business-supporting opportunities, resources, country-based relevant information and business networking opportunities.

The Platform is open to (i) local companies interested to explore opportunities with international companies as well as with each other (ii) international companies looking to do business, provide professional services or invest in local companies, and (iii) enabling/catalyst organizations, such as entrepreneurial associations and chambers of commerce, looking to support and service local entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Yes, companies in any country are welcome to list on the Platform. The only requirement is that companies /organizations are pursuing or listing opportunities to interact with and provide value to the community.

Yes, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurial associations, incubators, accelerators, academia (and other type of entrepreneurial enabling organization/association) in any country are welcome to list on the Platform. The only requirement is that these enabling organizations are pursuing or listing opportunities to interact with and provide value to the community.

The registration process is quite simple – just click on the “Login/Join” on the top link bar of this website. You then need to choose the category that best represent your company/organization (SME & Startup, Strategic partner, Enabler & Catalyst) and let the platform engine guide you through the registration process, Once your registration is successful and you receive your user credentials, you may create opportunities with 1-click. For more information about registration and opportunity categories, visit the about & opportunities pages.

Registration requires business/corporate/organization-related information, a brief description of activities and opportunities to offer &/or seeking. Listing also requires validation so do include a valid email address, a valid telephone number, your website address (if any) and information about the company in the related fields. If your company is submitted through your association/chamber or if you select a registered chamber/business association, then little to none validation will be conducted from our side as your account has already been pre-validated by a reputable business institution.

Yes. Every registered company/organization will be granted their own corporate page on the platform for their exclusive use. The company/organization should update their logo, profile photo, corporate information, business needs and aspirations, upload their marketing information, and link it to their external website and social media channels. Information on the listing page acts as filters that enable other platform users to search, identify and match business, investment, partnership, services and a variety of other types of opportunities.

Yes. To make your company invisible at any time, for whatever reason, go to: “my account >profile>hide profile from listings”. To cancel your membership, please send an email to our support team through our contact page.

Yes. All companies and organizations listed on the platform are searchable based on the opportunities they post. All category sections provide a variety of filters to facilitate business and opportunity matching. Finding (and posting) opportunities in SMEHIVE is just 1-click away (members area).

General public can access the “Local Markets resources” area. Registered members with valid user credentials can access and share resources in private-area resources categories.

The public can access the News Room with curated news, local resources, Game Changers section and pages with information about the Platform as per platform footer links. Registered members with valid user credentials can use the search/opportunity matching function.

No, there is no cost to list and post/seek opportunities.

No, there is no need for any special software. The users have only to access the Internet through their desktops, laptops, tabs or mobile/smart devices

Yes, the platform offers a fully responsive version allowing mobile users to access the site through their tablets, mobile and smart devices.

An APP is currently on the making to offer specialized content and searching/business matching capabilities. Visit this website for further updates

Yes, we have a dedicated support team ready to answer your questions and support you on technical and other related matters,

As a Global Platform, we request companies to use English as main language on corporate profile and opportunity posting to ensure international members can understand and interact. As the platform allows for multi-language input, your company may wish to replicate the text updated in English (company profile and opportunities) in local language, as long as the English version is present and the first to display. If your first language is not English, you may wish liaise with service providers and supporting agencies to assist in the translation of text to English.

Yes, there are local and international consultancy companies and service providers that can provide additional support. These consultancy services could include the content of your company page on matters such as updating of information and managing/looking for/responding to opportunities. Send us a message through our contact page for further information about this service or, after registering on the platform, you may seek for service providers that may fit your needs.

Yes, There are options available for companies and organizations that may wish to raise their profile within the platform and connect their existing API’s. For more information, visit the “Advertising & API Integration” page


For more information about SMEHIVE registration categories visit the ABOUT page


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